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Structured Insight

Set and compare structured time periods for every sales channel within your UltraCart account. Quickly view your sales and store data across the past week, month, year or a custom time period. Easily compare your statistics to the previous time period.

Custom Checkout Resources

Key Performance Indicators

View a quick and concise breakdown of key performance metrics. These figures provide a breakdown of the data contributing to or detracting from your core businesses objectives.

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Total Sales

Complete and detailed sales breakdown. Providing key sales metrics for each individual sales channel (StoreFronts, Amazon, Ebay, etc.) you’ve setup with your UltraCart account.

Custom Checkout Resources


Sales and revenue are useless statistics without understanding your expenses. Providing you with a comprehensive breakdown of the various factors eating into your profitability.

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A holistic breakdown of the factors contributing to your profitability. UltraCart takes your shipping, fulfillment, marketing, payment processing and any additional expenses and compares that with your revenue to help you get a realistic view of your profit.

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Sales Attributed to Marketing

Understand the value of your marketing with a breakdown of the profit and sales associated to each campaign. Empower your team to make more informed and educated marketing decisions.

Custom Checkout Resources

More Analytics

UltraCart analytics also gives you a breakdown of Visitors by Traffic Source, Visits by Location, Top Products Sold, Average Order Volume, as wall as additional metrics to make your business as predictable as possible.

Custom Checkout Resources

Google Analytics

Still not enough? Quick and easy integration of popular Google Analytics platform to drive further customer insight.


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