Revennue Enhancement Increase

What is Revenue Enhancement?

UltraCart provides tools and automated enhancements to capture revenue that would otherwise be lost, provide additional opportunities to capture additional sales or safeguard your transactions against fraudulent charges.

Services Include:

  • Accounts Receivable Retry
  • Upsell
  • AVS Capture
  • Update Billing Email
  • UltraCart Payments

Accounts Receivable Retry

Orders that have declined payments can automatically route to your Accounts Receivable. UltraCart will automatically email the customer letting them know that there is a problem with their payment and provide a link to self-service update the information. In addition to emailing the customer UltraCart can automatically re-attempt the payment on a schedule that you define. Often times orders will go through on an automated attempt the next day.

This one feature alone makes the typical merchant an additional $700/month.

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UltraCart upsells allow merchants to generate additional revenue during the tail end of the order sequence by showing customers one or more offers. The upsell system allows you to visually create the upsells using our state of the art StoreFront visual builder system. You can quickly setup sequences of upsells, split test offers, and see detailed statistics on how your upsells are performing.

Most avid users of the upsell system will generate an additional 5-10% of total revenues from upsells. They are especially powerful for nutraceutical and information marketer merchants.

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AVS Capture

UltraCart takes advantage of Authorize.Net’s ability to pull and review the transaction due to an AVS mismatch. UltraCart will send these orders directly to Accounts Receivable where the merchant can further evaluate the risk associated with the order and capture the authorization with a single click.

AVS capture can save Authorize.Net merchants thousands of dollars of sales every month.

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Update Billing Email

Instead of allowing customers to leave the site after a declined transaction attempt, UltraCart can capture the order after a certain number of failed attempts to Accounts Receivable and then email the customer a notice. Update billing notifications ensures that you have captured the order and automates the process of fixing their payment information.

The automated functionality generates some merchants over $500 a day of additional revenue from their customers completely from automation.

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UltraCart Payments

Eliminate failed rebill attempts due to expiration, fraud or other situations that require a credit card update. UltraCart Payments automatically receives card updates to ensure smooth transitions without requiring additional customer interactions.

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